Looking for a Way to Delight Your Valentine?

You’d like to surprise your special lady with a gift that is sure to delight her, but you aren’t sure what that might be. We have some tips to help. Attractive outfits combine four basic elements; color, pattern, texture and sheen. It sounds fairly simple, but few wear these four elements together consistently. Think about your Valentine’s wardrobe – is it lean on color? How about patterned items? If she is light on patterned items, take a peak in her closet to see what patterns she does have. Florals? Geometrics? Abstract prints? This is your clue to her preference – look for a top, bag or scarf in this type of pattern.



Light on sheen? Patent surface bags, tanks with metallic thread woven through, and jewelry are great candidates for adding sheen to outfits.



Color is an easy element to add with clothing, bags, scarves and jewelry. Since you are looking for a gift that delights, the key is to choose a favorable color for her skin tone and hair color. Can you think of a color that you love on her? If not, browse through some photos to find a good candidate.



Texture can be incorporated in outfits with a ruffle, nubby or quilted fabric, crochet knits, lace, sequins (sheen, too!) crinkle gauze fabrics, natural stone jewelry, etc.



Too many choices? Give her a gift certificate with a note encouraging her to treat herself to a little color, pattern, texture or sheen. We think she’ll be delighted.