Are You Style Trapped?

There are a few ways of thinking that get women style trapped. Sometimes we tell ourselves, “I’d love to update my wardrobe, but I don’t have anywhere to go.” Other times we put everyone else’s needs before our own and figure we’ll get by with what we have this season. The most prevalent style trap is the notion that we are going to lose 10 pounds before we update.

The truth is, we all have places to go and what we wear affects how we feel. Why live your life on hold – even if subconsciously? Keeping your style current doesn’t have to be daunting nor does it have to be expensive. So, head to your closet and let’s take it from the top.

Do you have some neutral basics that fit you well? For spring, this means denim jeans or skirts; beige, light or white skirts, pants and shorts; light jackets; and layering or topper sweaters. It’s important to have a few things that fit properly rather than a variety of pieces that are either too loose or too tight. Get them altered, give them away, or pack them away. De-clutter!

If the shoe doesn't fit...

Now decide which clothing category(s) you need to add to. Bottoms, tops, layering pieces, or accessories. Start by filling in on those to create a couple casual outfits that you can wear for a weekend get-together, girl’s luncheon, or informal meeting. How about a more formal occasion? Is there something you need to add to be ready for a client meeting, shower, or wedding? You always shop smarter when you aren’t under pressure. Take care of it now.

Dusak Colors of the Sea


When purchasing these fill in pieces, think about current color trends. You can keep your look current without succumbing to trendy styles that have a short shelf life by pairing colors that are currently favored by the fashion industry. For example, this spring and summer Radiant Orchid and Cayenne are two prevalent vivid brights. Paloma (a soft gray) and Placid Blue are two popular pastels. Pair them together with some of your neutral basics (the ones that fit well!) for a terrific outfit that makes you look and feel beautiful. Since we replace our tops and sweaters most frequently, these are good candidates to purchase in current colors. The classic combination of black and white is making a strong showing this spring. Pair them boldly and add a punch of color with jewelry or a purse.



Scarves and jewelry are always available in current color trends and are an inexpensive way to update your look and finish an outfit. This spring, look for scarves that pair brights with pastels. Tie them around your purse or bag handles. Learn a couple of new ways to tie them around your neck. Try pairing a patterned scarf with a patterned or textured top or bottom. Keep one pattern smaller or more subtle than the other or keep them in the same color family. When choosing necklaces, pair round styles with your scoop necklines and drop styles with your v-necklines. Purchase necklaces and tops together so you know you have a winning combination.

Dusak Silhouette 2curio stripeScarves


Break free if you’ve allowed yourself to become style trapped. Use color, use layering, and use accessories to create outfits you feel beautiful wearing. We are all drawn to beauty and it is within reach.