Style Talk Spring 2017

Wondering What’s New & Fresh for Spring 2017?

Nautical Inspirations

Traditional red, blue and white stripes and color blocking; lace-up necklines on tops and dresses; motifs of the sea, ships and ports of call.


Want to dabble but not over commit? Combine inexpensive or moderately priced nautical theme accessories with striped clothing (which is always in style). Personalize your look by adding a pop of color such as bright yellow, green, or purple to traditional red, white and blue styles.

Neckline and Sleeve Details

off the shoulder top

Cold shoulders, off the shoulder, bell sleeves and keyhole necklines are all role players in spring styles. (The themes remain strong in fall 2017 styles so don’t worry about them waning too soon.)


For longevity, look for bell sleeve tops and dresses in neutral colors so you can wear them across seasons. The neutral tones will also help secure your style in the classic category.

bell sleeve key hole top

Criss cross necklines add fresh detail to spring outfits, too.


Athleisure for Everyday

This casual, comfortable style combining exercise wear with street clothes remains strong. Think:

Jogger pants paired with sandals, heals or slip on sneakers


Casual dresses paired with slip on sneakers


Denim jacket and scarf paired with lounge pants (visualize sweats with style!)


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The Colors of Spring 2017